Other Activities


Bridge at The Ebell meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 12:00pm
We draw numbers for partners, play six hands and then change partners and positions. We usually play three rounds.
For more information, please call 323-931-1277.


Chorale rehearses Tuesdays from 10:30am to 12:30pm
Singers, its not too late to come join the Chorale in song for our spring program. We are having new pieces introduced each week, and new singers are welcome to join this month, when it will be easy to catch up. We’d be delighted to have you add your voice to ours and help us make the rafters ring.

For more information, please call 323-931-1277.

Book Chamber


Join the Book Chamber at 6:30 on December 19 (the 3rd Tuesday) for Christmas cookies and New Year’s inspiration, discussing When Breath Becomes Air by  Paul Kalanthi. A scholar of literature (Stanford) and philosophy (Cambridge) before studying neurosurgery (Yale), Dr. Kalanthi pens his  life’s anecdotes rich in experience, conversation, and friendship remembered after viewing the CT scan of his own, cancer-assaulted body.  “Whoa, there”, you say?  “This is a holiday book choice?”  “None better,”  I assure you, “for its warmth, insight and expression of humankind’s LIFE.

You that seek what life is in death, 
Now find it air that once was breath. 
New names unknown, old names gone: 
Till time end bodies, but souls none.
            Reader! then make time, while you be,
            But steps to your eternity.
(from Caelica 83, Baron Brooke Fulke Grevelle, 1633)


knittingMonday Knitters

Calling all generous and talented Ebell members and friends who can knit or crochet, want to learn how, want to show their support or just want to schmooze!  We meet to make blankets, scarves, and hats for Helen’s Room which offers support and products to women cancer patients free of charge. As our circle of knitters and crocheters enlarges, our Helen’s Room survivors are surrounded by the love and support of many more women. Skeins of yarn are always needed.
The Social Service Department is always looking for woman power and ideas. If you know how we can further support the Rest Cottage Association charities, please contact Cynthia Comskycyncom@mac.com; Janna Bodek Harrisjannabodekharris@icloud.com