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Speaker Series with Leonard Pitt

Speaker Series: The Women are Burning, Presented by Leonard Pitt | January 18

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Monday, January 18, 2021 — 12:00 pm

Join us for a Brief History of the European Witch Hunt as Pitt reveals sources of misogyny that persist to modern times.

The tension between men and women has played out in Western culture for centuries. There is no more dramatic example of this tension than the organized persecution of women during the infamous witch-hunt trials in Europe from the late 1400s up through the early 1700s. How did women come to be perceived as all-powerful, the incarnation of evil, and in the service of the Devil? What was the Church’s logic as it carried out this program of repression? What were the consequences? Leonard Pitt presents this history with compelling images and abundant historical narration. Not for the faint of heart, he says!

Leonard Pitt, is an author, actor, and social activist who has lived and worked in Paris and is now based in Berkeley, California.

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12:00 pm PST

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