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The Ebell of Los Angeles is a community founded by women, for women in 1894. Our mission is to participate in and encourage the educational, cultural and social growth of the diverse Los Angeles community and to conserve and protect our historic Clubhouse, grounds, collections and Wilshire Ebell Theatre.

Your donation to our 125th Anniversary Legacy Campaign contributes to the
restoration and preservation of our historic Clubhouse.

Key restoration projects include:

The Fountain of Honor
The Fountain of Honor was designed by Henry Lion in 1927 and was created to honor Ebell members’ sons, husbands and brothers who served in World War I. The beautiful statue was installed in September 1930, and the Legacy Campaign will focus on the restoration and preservation of this significant fountain.

Theatre Landscape and Courtyard Garden
We are restoring our historic gardens to the original design created by Florence Yoch. Ms. Yoch was a trailblazer in her time, working as the landscape architect for Tara in Gone With the Wind and designing over 250 projects in her lifetime. We are working to ensure renovations stay true to her vision.

Members have always enjoyed events and committee meetings on the third floor, but now the antiquated elevator is in need of restoration. This year we are fundraising to fix the elevator so everyone can access our historic Clubhouse.

Your donation to the Ebell creates a lasting impact through the preservation of our historic building and collections, and allows us to continue our mission of education, philanthropy and impact for women in the Los Angeles community.

“I will find a way, or make one” Ebell Club Motto