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Ebell Friends’ Building Endowment Fund

Sustain  –  Restore – Together


Ebell Friends’ mission is to provide support for the restoration and preservation of the historic The Ebell of Los Angeles’ clubhouse, grounds, collections and the Wilshire Ebell Theatre; as well as for the philanthropic work of the Ebell of Los Angles through its Rest Cottage Association and the Ebell Scholarship Program.

To support and maintain an historic landmark is no small undertaking and requires considerable care and resources.  While The Ebell’s philanthropic programs are sustained by guaranteed endowments, there is no designated fund earmarked for our historic facilities.

Ebell Friends is embarking upon a long-term commitment which will support our historic facilities into our second hundred years.   Your donations will lay the foundation for an endowment that will inspire the generosity of our neighborhood, city, foundations and grant makers to contribute to our sustainability.

Let’s “Sustain…Restore…TOGETHER!” our Ebell complex, one of the crown jewels of Los Angeles architecture.  Our efforts to build an endowment will support THE EBELL and our mission into the future.  Please donate to Ebell Friends: we cannot imagine Los Angeles without THE EBELL

Please give today if you can. Do it for those who can’t.
Your donation makes a difference! 

“I will find a way, or make one” Ebell Club Motto