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St. Barnabas Senior Services (SBSS)


Like the Rest Cottage Association (“RCA”), St. Barnabas Senior Services (“SBSS”) has a long history of helping those in need. Established in 1908, SBSS has become one of the largest nonsectarian nonprofits in the region dedicated to helping older adults who face financial, physical, health, and social challenges.

The RCA is pleased to partner with SBSS by supporting the Women’s Emergency Fund and serving as volunteers through the Ebell Social Service Committee. The Women’s Emergency Fund is specifically dedicated to helping low-income, older women seeking assistance from SBSS with housing, hunger-related needs, mental or health needs, and other basic needs at their Mid-City, Hollywood, and Echo Park Senior Centers.

Appalling statistics have shown a drastic increase in homelessness among older adults in Los Angeles, and SBSS serves those who are affected by extreme poverty. Approximately 94% of SBSS ’clients live below the federal poverty level and struggle to meet essential needs. Generational and cultural barriers often prevent them from getting adequate support. For many without families or social support systems, coping in a world that’s increasingly dependent upon technology is difficult. Many become isolated and experience physical problems such as declining eyesight, arthritis, and chronic diseases as well as emotional issues such as depression and anxiety that impact their wellbeing.

Common problems older adults face can be more prevalent among and perhaps even more devastating for older women. Older women are far more likely than men to live alone and/or be widowed. RCA funding helps SBSS case managers assist women like Matilde, who was 72 when she found herself homeless with no income and living on the streets, or Laura, who was estranged from her daughter and trying desperately to avoid becoming homeless by living in a friend’s cramped closet. To help restore dignity and quality of life to women like Matilde and Laura, SBSS set up the Women’s Emergency Fund.

The RCA is pleased to support SBSS’ Women’s Emergency Fund and to work alongside SBSS to improve the quality of life for more older women.