Brief History of The Ebell of Los Angeles

The Ebell of Los Angeles is an educational and philanthropic organization founded by women in 1894. The mission is to participate in and encourage the educational, cultural and social growth of the diverse Los Angeles community. .

The Ebell administers a college scholarship program for women and men and a program assisting women in need. The Ebell also maintains and preserves its art collections and its historic Clubhouse and Wilshire Ebell Theatre


The Ebell Scholarship Program

Harvard declared, “Veritas.” Going a bit further, Yale said, “Lux et Veritas.” Ebell, in its singular fashion added “I Will Find a Way, or Make One…”  In Ebell’s case, it pursued its mission of providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships to thousands of students attending Los Angeles County colleges and universities.  Starting with a… Continue reading The Ebell Scholarship Program


Membership Information

No institution can survive, thrive and continue without the support and loyalty of its constituents.  Since the beginning, members of The Ebell have sought to maintain and build up their Club while improving their minds, expanding their vision and enriching their community. As this new millennium begins, the membership encompasses four generations of women who… Continue reading Membership Information