Your Donations At Work!

by Randi Jones

As our readers know, Cynthia Comsky has been leading a group of knitters and crocheters in an ongoing project to create 9-inch squares of every conceivable color and design that are fashioned into afghans (over 30 so far!) for the cancer patients at Helen’s Room at Good Samaritan Hospital. Two Ebell members connected with the project, Linda Dean and Randi Jones, also serve on the Board of Directors of St. Barnabas Senior Services (SBSS).  This terrific 100-plus-year-old organization runs senior centers and offers many other services to more than 8,000 mostly low-income older adults around the Ebell and nearby neighborhoods. SBSS also has a knitting circle composed of long-time experts who meet weekly to chat and create masterpieces to share with the community.  When Linda and Randi heard that the SBSS knitters were running out of both yarn and projects, inspiration struck, and last month Randi contacted Jaeun Joo, the social worker who organized the group, with a proposal: bags of yarn donated by Ebell members to be delivered to SBSS in exchange for their help creating afghans for Helen’s Room. Not only did the SBSS ladies embrace the project enthusiastically, they also offered a sackful of gorgeous hats and scarves they had made in the past. When Randi returned to SBSS two weeks after her first visit to bring more yarn, she was astounded by the response from the knitters there. We think you’ll be impressed as well by these photos of them and their output. What a great group of women–and what a fantastic opportunity for the Ebell to connect with another local social service organization to do the very best we can for our RCA grantees!

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