The Dining Room

By Caroline Labiner Moser, House Chair (December 2012)
Second in a series profiling special areas of the Ebell

The Ebell Dining Room underwent a renovation last year and we are delighted we were able to bring it back to much of its past glory. The adjacent corridor was originally known as the Dining Room Terrace and was used for more than just an elegant entry into the room itself.

The Dining Room was originally the only room to have air conditioning, and the handsome medallions were used for supply and intake, not just decoration. We have no ideas about the iconography, but that is on the list of things we hope to explore in the Historic Structures Report that the Club is the process of preparing.

The current colors were also the originals, identified for us by the late and celebrated Los Angeles Architectural Historian Martin Weil. The most unexpected color choice may have been the ceiling of the Terrace. It was originally dark brown, to echo the similar color of the passageway in the garden with a real wood ceiling.

The cast concrete, visible here as in many other locations in the building, was deliberately cast to mimic wood grain. The ceiling beams are quite real and very deep – the structure you see is functional, not decorative. High on the north wall are some small windows. There originally was a projection booth there and we have kept the windows as a reminder. The projection booth was in the room that is now the bathroom for the Juniors Room; the windows are hidden behind the mirrored wall.

As part of the Historic Structures Report, the House Committee is working hard to get as much information about the interior history of the Club as possible. Please help by contributing any photographs or information you may have from events that were held in the historic Ebell!

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