Program Committee and Departments

Program Committee Members:

Yvonne Adams
Carol Alexander
June Bilgore
Lizzie Blatt
Dora Breece
Sonja Carlin
Suzanne Chase
Joyce Davidson
Juli Frankel
Amanda Frye
Robyn Gardenhire
Jane Gilman
Sook Heikkila
Carolyn Hennesy
Constance Hornig
Geri Hurley
Suz Landay
Regina Lark
Anne Lombard
Carrie Madsen
Perry Maiorana
Lois Mills
Christine O’Brien
Mark Richard
Beverly Russell
Donna Russell
Angela Sacchi
Helene Seifer
Ellen Sletten
Lupe Soto
Bob Terry
Judy Thompson
Evelyn “Sparkle” Toliver
Nan Williams
Anne Winkles Monroe
Tracy Ann Young

Program Department Chairs:

Architecture and Design – Amy Vuckovich and Judith Wyle, Co-Chairs
Arts & Letters – Shirlee Taylor Haizlip and Donna Russell, Co- Chairs
Black History Month – Lillaurie Durousseau
Book Chamber – Constance Hornig
Cards and Bridge Department – Cici Sears
Charter Day – Loyce Braun
Children’s Department – Julie Stromberg
Communications Liason – Yeni Alvarez DeCarlo
Classical Music – Jane Martin
Cultural Affairs –  Ginger Barnard
Chorale –  Anne Combs
Dance of the Decades – Loyce Braun and Jane Martin, Co-Chairs
Fieldtrips – Amy Sinclair
Garden – Myrna Gintel
Health & Wellness – Joanna Rachins
History – Kathleen Beall
Live in the Lounge – Ginger Barnard, Janna Bodek Harris, Evelyn Vanozzi, Co-Chairs
Monthly Bridge – Cici Sears
Mother’s Day Brunch – Jane Martin
Theatre and Performance (PLAYdate, 2nd Wednesdays, Playwright Prize) – Cynthia Comsky
Social Service – Cynthia Comsky and Janna Bodek Harris
Secretary – Mikki Brisk
Supper with Santa  – Daphne Brogdon
Wine and Dine – Linda Myerson Dean, Peggy Giffin, Wendy Savage. Randi Jones and
Kristan Giordano